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Tonight, the moon is round; it’s full.

Blood started dripping, formed a pool.

There’s too much anger, too much hate.

Crazy-hysterical, I found out, too late.


Curriculum Vitae/Resume Writing for Online Jobs

For those new to the business, this article will cover the basics and pattern of how I’ve written my CV/resume to land my online gigs.

Let me breakdown mine for you to  see the pattern.

– Of course, I have my “name” on top. I’ve also added a “photo” (optional) but if you choose to have a photo in there, make sure that it’s professionally presentable. Not a portion (usually a  head shot) from a group picture from one of your night outs.

– Probably the most important part is your “contacts” area. Put all your contact information in there. Mobile number, social accounts, websites, etc. I have a lot of online profiles but I’ve cut them down to what’s important (at least for my clients and i).

Name, Contact Info, others
Name, Contact Info, others

– I’ve also added location information and languages but that’s just me.

– Another important part of your resume will be your “skills” area. Next to your contact information, this will be the next area employers will be looking at. This is where they’ll check if your skills match with those they’re looking for.

core skills
Core Skills

– The “overview” is a part of your resume describing who you are as a person and professional. Reading it, employers should be able to get a picture of who you are, your qualities as an employee and how your general outlook is.


– The “work experience” area is next. This is where you’ll put past employers you’ve worked with, your position/title when you were working there, the duration of your stay with them and what skills were you able to use to accomplish their requested tasks.

work experience
Work Experience

– “Education” is another optional part of your resume. Though, your degree / educational background isn’t an outmost necessity for online work, there are employers who are particular with this area. So depending on what your client requires, stating your years and degrees acquired in school would be a plus.

education background
Education Background

– Lastly, a disclaimer wouldn’t hurt if added. No one has all the information in their resume for all types of client and works. So adding a disclaimer clause stating that additional information will be provided upon request wouldn’t trim your chances of getting that gig down.


Note: Every client is different; and they’re looking for the same. Customizing your resume for specific clients and their individual needs is a must!

So this is how I’ve done mine. How about yours? Share your ideas in the comment/reply fields below!

The Longing

Every time spent with you seem too short.

Things I want to say and do needs to be right; they always make me sort.

Not a moment spent with you seem just enough.

Constantly miss seeing your face, your smile, hearing you talk and laugh.


The longing to be with you, that’s always what you make me feel.

Being able to hold you, kiss, hear and see you lets me know the moment’s real.

You’re the only person who I want to be with every day and every night.

All the moments we spent together, every single one, feels so, so right.


When we’re together, time just seem to quickly pass by.

Be it 5-hour breakfasts, overtime massages or, when on your station, I walk by.

I just can’t get enough of you, certainly not enough of us.

Time just flies when we’re together; it’s as if it were in a rush.


I know time will come where we’ll get to have more than enough of each other.

The anticipation of that moment gives me hope, keeps sanity and I together.

Especially when you told me, even if it’s just partially, that you do love me too.

It’s more than enough gas for me to keep waiting, wait for no one else but you.

Hell and Grace

This was something I wrote for my wife, Helen Grace, when I was still courting her. I associated the title and contents with her name and with the situation she was and this was what I came up with:


Both are somewheres we all know about.

Different actions get us to which route.

All of us trying to do things our own ways.

Hell and grace, we’re headed to where and what place.


Hell gives us this heat of discomfort.

Something we never think of longing for, not wanting it to be our fort.

In these modern times, getting there feels better than getting to the latter.

It confuses us that we never think of what happens after.


Grace paves for us, the simpler  way of doing things.

Like sticking to our wives and not to get into childish flings.

The path to it isn’t always what we opt to and consider.

We often think it makes our lives complicated leading us to somewhere down the ladder.


Hell and grace are somewheres we all know about.

Our actions are meant to be thought of and will certainly give us a bout.

Tag faith or reason along to get the match at a good pace.


Hell and grace, this early, in ourselves, we know not the time but where it will continue.. I mean to what place.


Comments are very much welcome 🙂