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Google Analytics (GA) is a very advantageous tool for those who are marketing online (be it selling items or just looking to see how much their sites are hit by visitors). Some benefits of GA for your online business are the following:

1. It allows you to target your online visitors.
2. It can measure and show you the results of your marketing campaign/s.
3. It evaluates traffic flow to your website so you can make ongoing changes to your website by changing the content and improving the landing pages to draw greater number of visitors and determine if the quality of your web page content is of a high standard with the help of the Google Analytics tool.



Prezi is a great online tool to utilize for presentations. It is able to bring traditional slide presentations to life by linking imagery to motion, which in turn paves the way for a deeper understanding and retention duration. Compared to traditional slideshows, Prezi doesn’t have linear, slide-by-slide display method (unless you design it that way, of course). It allows you to create your presentations in unique ways and even lets you import your existing slideshows for conversion! Also, did I mention that use of this tool is FREE?


Facebook has gone up to be one of the top Social Networking Sites to date. Doing business within Facebook has been ongoing since 2010 and getting an edge over competition boils down to marketing.

ShortStack allows you to promote your business within Facebook by giving you the ability to create various avenues to get attention.

ShortStack makes creating contests, sweepstakes, videos, custom forms, etc. easier with available templates and the likes. Boost interaction rates up and ultimately get more attention for your Facebook page by utilizing ShortStack and its capabilities.


PicMonkey makes photo editing extremely simple to do and is absolutely free! You don’t even have to register to be able to use this application online. It runs on any browser that is capable of running flash. You just upload your photo and start editing! Adjusting texture, color-tinting and airbrushing images are just some of its capabilities. The quality of the image after editing it with PicMonkey is comparable to those done in other photo editing applications. The options to play with are endless and you can share your finished creations with friends instantly.


Carbonmade is an online design portfolio site that allows graphic designers to showcase their work without having to invest the time or the money required to set up their own custom-made personal portfolio. Portfolios on Carbonmade are shown in a simple, modern and effective manner. This catches the attention and helps bring in new clients and your creations and work get the visibility it may not receive anywhere else on the web.