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What Every Filipino VA Ought To Know About EON Cyber Account Application And PayPal Integration

So I just got my EON card verified in PayPal today. It wasn’t an easy venture. Nobody seemed to know or they missed out on important details regarding what the true process is (that, or my research wasn’t well done); and most of the information I saw were outdated. Anyway, the experience prompted me to write this article for Filipino VA s who are looking to use UnionBank’s EON Card as their means to get their pay from PayPal.


So here goes!


Step1: Forget about online application

Yes, UnionBank has this online application form which can be found here. Don’t waste your time with this. I did and I was very disappointed with the result. You get a confirmation through email within 24 hours of submitting your application which looks like this:


You go to the branch, tell them regarding the confirmation and they get you to fill out the same application form (in writing) again stating that the online application the application in the branch are different from each other. Long story short, my online application was useless.

Step 2: Go to the nearest UnionBank branch for the application

Fill out the application form and pay PHP350 for the annual fee. The card can be acquired the same day if you do the application in the morning.

*** Note:

UnionBank is particular with your address. {The address on my driver’s license is different from my application address (Region 2).} Make sure that the address on your ID matches the one you listed on your application. (They will ask you for an ID with your address in it. Don’t get smart. I did.) Otherwise, they will require you to secure clearance from your barangay and the police.

Step 3: Pick-up your card and make your first deposit

Make sure that the teller provides you with the paper with your initial PIN. Then do your first deposit. UnionBank says to deposit at least PHP200.00 to your account. I got charged with PHP140+. So PHP200.00 is safe.


You will need your account number to make the deposit. It is the 12-digit number located below your name on the card


Step 4: Change your PIN

So you don’t go back and forth and to make sure that you are able to read your initial PIN (I guessed what mine was when I tried to enroll online), change it at the ATM machine outside the branch

Step 5: Go online and set up your EON Cyber Account

Step 5.1. Go to Unionbankph.com

Step 5.2. Click on EON or EON Cyber Account


Step 5.3. Click Enroll Here


Step 5.4. Enter your ATM card number and PIN



The ATM card number consists of 16 digits located above your name on the card


Step 5.5. Fill the form with other needed information and submit


The USERNAME will be permanent for your account. Pick the best username for long-term use.

Wait 2-3 banking days and try to log in to your EON Cyber Account.

If you get in, you’re set with EON!

Step 6: Integrate your EON Cyber Account to your PayPal account

Step 6.1. Go to PayPal.com and log in to your account


For security reasons make sure that the URL starts with “https”.

Step 6.2. Hover over to Profile and click Add/Edit Credit Card


Step 6.3. Fill the form out with the needed information and click Add Card


Congratulations! Your EON card is now linked with your PayPal account!

Step 7: Verify your card

This is the part where PayPal charges your card from your initial deposit for verification purposes. Do not worry because PayPal will return the money to you 24 hours after you put in the EXP code.

Step 7.1. This part will say “Not Verified”. Click on it.


Step 7.2. It will charge your EON card and send the verification code over.

Step 7.3. Go to your EON Cyber Account and log in

Step 7.4. Click on Accounts


Step 7.5. Click on the dropdown to go to Transaction History. Click Go


Step 7.6. Your PayPal 4-digit verification code


Key in the code in PayPal and congratulations! You have already verified your EON card in PayPal!


Was this article helpful to you? Did I miss important steps? Share your thoughts below.


How I Get More Time To Do More

“Time is Gold” How many times have we heard of this saying? Time may equate to gold, diamond or other precious metals but its value far outweighs the rest. Everybody has 24 hours per day. “Managing time” doesn’t mean exactly that. Rather, it is efficient planning and implementation of the said plan. Time Management is a set or related common sense skills that help a person use their time in the most effective and productive way possible.


Time Management techniques teaches you to:

–       Determine important things versus non-important ones

–       Control time-wasting and work-flow-breaking distractions

–       Increase overall effectiveness-Reduce overall stress

–       Use time as effectively as possible

–       Increase the amount of time in which one can work with


Plans take a huge part when it comes to saving time. As they say: “Planning takes time; not planning takes more”. As the saying goes, you need planning and organization skills to maximize your time. One simple but effective method you can use as guide for planning to maximize your time is the Shewart Cycle.


The Shewart Cycle highlights 4 steps to take as you do your planning:

Plan, Do, Study, Act


Let me show you how I use and apply these steps to manage my time.


Step 1: Plan

Just like my article regarding Goal Setting, planning is essential if you want to maximize your time. List everything down. Identify the things you want (or need) to do, prioritize the important stuff, set deadlines for your actions, then move on to the next step.


Step 2: Do

Implement the plan! Put it into action! Move your Ass! DO!! (Need I say more?)


Step 3: Study

This is the step where you analyze your actions based on your original plan. Evaluate the results. Did you get the outcome that you expected? Were the results and your planned goals the same? How would you rate your actions with regard to their effectiveness? What do you need to improve on? You can change or modify your plan according to the results that you got; or formulate a new one entirely. Evaluate!


Step 4: Act

Take action once more. This time, base it on your evaluations from Step 3. Improve the original action you took. Be more efficient and effective. Then repeat Steps 3 and 4.


This approach to time management is as simple as it gets but do not be deceived. The simplicity of this approach is what makes is dead effective.


Did it make sense? How do you get yourself more time to do more? Share your thoughts below!