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HootSuite For Stress-Free Management Of Your Social Media Campaigns

If you are looking to:

– Manage multiple social networks,

– Schedule Tweets and messages,

– Track brand mentions and

– Analyze social media traffic


HootSuite is all you will need!


This Social Media Management tool has stood up to its tag line helping big brands such as Seagate, Eurostar, Sony Music, Virgin and WWF take care of their social media campaigns.



Documentation And More Made Easy With EVERNOTE

Evernote can be utilized for a variety of tasks to be completed.


We’ll start with its Web Clipper. It can be used as an easy, quick and effective way to bookmark Web pages with just a couple of clicks. You will not need another bookmarking application with Web Clipper.


Evernote can also store pictures, audio and PDF files online which is a great way to back your files up. Use it as your online photo library. Take a picture, upload it to Evernote and share it with everyone!


Another use of Evernote is that it can also stand as an online organizer. You can put notes/handouts into Evernote and start organizing, tagging, editing and view them anytime you want and anywhere you are.


It is a great tool / application you can use everyday!


How To Use Mad Mimi For Your Email Marketing Needs

Mad Mimi benefits those who want to create email newsletters, marketing campaigns or keep track of a mail list. You can create professional-looking emails, having no experience or skills, is of the advantages of using this tool.


There are very useful tutorials to see for creating your email promotions and almost every feature is explained.


Mad Mimi is really able to help beginners and inexperienced marketers do well with their chosen endeavor. It is free to use for starters and for advanced marketers, the option to upgrade is just a couple of clicks away.