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Top 10 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant

Being a business owner, you can’t help but get involved with everything and anything about your business; both leg and back-end work. Being “hands-on”, is not a bad thing, entirely. But this is where a lot of business owners begin to find the struggle (especially when starting out or at mid-year). They tend to do “too much” and lack the time to do “more important” work such as going out and marketing their business to others.


I loved this the first time I read it:

“Exercise frugality with how you spend your time and I guarantee you’ll make progress far faster than those who are frivolous with theirs”.

This was said in one of the comments in Chris Ducker‘s site. It is a good advise for business owners regarding their precious hours.


So why not get that time back and start working with a Virtual Assistant to do the dirty, back-end work for you?


Here are my Top 10 Tasks You shouldn’t be doing as a busy business owner and which you Can Outsource To Virtual Assistants:

1. Appointment Setting

2. Blog Management

3. Client/Customer Follow-Ups

4. Data Entry and Processing

5. Email Management

6. Preparing Presentations

7. Recruitment

8. Schedule Management

9. Social Media Accounts Set-Up and Management

10. Social Media and Blog Posting


These are just a few from that endless list of tasks Virtual Assistants can handle. Sure, each VA will have their own areas of expertise but with a bit of training and patience from you,  anything is possible!


Have you gotten yourself a VA, yet? How are they? Have you outsourced work to a VA? How was it? Share your thoughts below!