Mysterious Her


People say that she looks very smart; that one of her great qualities is intelligence.

What you don’t know is that you don’t have all the information or how far the paragraph indents.

You find out that you lack a lot of important knowledge, facts that need knowing and attention.

You’ll figure this out when, for her, you have the sincerest desires and an unselfish intentions.


You don’t know all the words that she doesn’t like to hear.

They hurt her feelings; sends irritating sounds to her ear.

Make a list of these words in your head, which is what you need to do.

That’ll give you an advantage; if, her, you’re so determined to pursue.


How long her pissed timeouts last are unknown.

You’ll see these when, being very careless, with her, you’ve shown.

Let her see you, show her that you’re just there for her.

Look out for “a bit okay” signs, like that cute tongue, when she starts to lay bare.


You don’t know what food she would want to eat for breakfast.

When she does tell you, you better be thinking fast.

She’ll be pissed if she doesn’t get what she’s craving for.

Be sure you have alternatives; something simple, like pancakes in two; much better in four.


You’re ignorant about what her true story is.

She won’t tell you everything at once; you have to earn every word as it is.

All the time, make sure you listen to her very well.

She might just ask for you next time, whenever she’s got a story to tell.


You’re clueless about deeds she doesn’t want you to do.

You may feel that she’ll come after you, you’re wrong; she’ll be like she doesn’t care about you.

Be careful of what you’re asking for; she might give that, exactly, to you.

Your world will seem like it’s ending, you won’t know where you are or what to do.


You have absolutely no idea about how her moods swing.

When they go negative, you can’t just expect her to sing.

Call her to find out what’s going on.

She might lighten up; tell you something you’ll never forget, later on.


You may know a ton of things about almost everything.

But information like these come only once and doesn’t apply to all beings.

Treasure these; always keep them in mind.

You’ll be surprised, one day she’ll just tell you that “she feels like a child..”


The Best Movie I’ve Ever Seen


She makes you want to do things for her without any effort at all.

You just get excited to be with her and be in nothing but awe.

Waiting in line, wishing they have what she ordered and wants.

Thinking of alternatives, just in case, to keep her interested even this once.


She enjoys food, you’ll see that in her pretty face.

She also does sounds and tells you that she likes the taste.

“Stop watching, start eating” were some of the things she was saying.

I wasn’t able to help myself, it was the best movie, the one that I was seeing.


Her simple stories will keep you very occupied.

She has a lot to tell you, her actions make them so alive.

Watch your focus, even if it’s almost impossible to do.

Her sound effects will amuse you, just make sure that to the story, you keep interest too.


She’ll start to groove when she hears some music she likes.

Definitely something to look forward to: you’ll see she likes it even through her eyes.

Stare at her as she moves, it’ll take you to places you can’t imagine.

It’s as if you’re building a dream, it’ll be the best movie you’ve ever seen.


Her voice is very alluring, you’ll be able to tell before and as she starts to sing.

It’s like her mouth moves in slow motion as you stare. It’s really something.

She sings to the tunes she likes the most. But you can hear it with her voice that she doesn’t desire to boast.

A calming, soothing voice, as if in a beach with just waves and sands from coast to coast.


Moments of silence will also make you keep your smile.

Just staring at her makes the time, oh, so worthwhile.

Hearing her say “what” in her sweetest voice makes it one of her best lines in that scene.

It really is, definitely and without a doubt, the best movie I’ve ever seen.

The Importance Of Excellent Customer Service In Any Organization – No Matter What They Do


Organizations are mainly put up to serve a purpose. They may stand to be of service to the poor, provide jobs to the unemployed, lead an entire nation or just sell their products to those in need. Whatever that purpose may be, all organizations have one thing in common: they all target a specific clientele. Aside from the products or services that they offer, the one aspect that all their clients take note of is their level of customer service.


Customer service, generally, is defined as “the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.” In a nut shell, it is making sure that clients’ concerns and issues are heard and addressed timely and appropriately to ensure positive customer comebacks, client retention and loyalty and eventually, more customers at the doorstep. In an organization setting, providing excellent customer service must be considered as of utmost importance.


Excellent customer service is a key factor to all organizations’ success; because in the first place, they exist to serve their customers, anyway. This is where organizations are usually judged by their clients; and everybody is considered another person’s customer. The person may be an employee serviced by their employer or vice-versa; or a direct customer buying products or services. The service that one provides to another is a determinant of how genuine an individual is and how that individual treats and cares for that other person. The type of customer service helps people decide whether to stay with and be serviced by an organization or move on to the competition. So as conclusion, the provision of excellent customer service by any organization, and everyone representing it, is, indeed, absolutely important and will say a lot about how the organization does and their upcoming success.