HootSuite For Stress-Free Management Of Your Social Media Campaigns

If you are looking to:

– Manage multiple social networks,

– Schedule Tweets and messages,

– Track brand mentions and

– Analyze social media traffic


HootSuite is all you will need!


This Social Media Management tool has stood up to its tag line helping big brands such as Seagate, Eurostar, Sony Music, Virgin and WWF take care of their social media campaigns.



5 Key Questions Before Your Next Email

In our time and age, email is one of the most commonly used mode of communication especially with businesses. Almost everyone uses email which easily outruns traditional mail and phone calls. Email mechanics are learned by most people as soon as they gain access to the internet. However, majority NEVER receive any instruction on how to effectively use or manage their email.


With regard to your next email, should you really be sending that out? How do you know? Andy Kaufman, the Director of the Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development, is the author of “How to Organize Your Inbox and Get Rid of E-Mail Clutter”. He introduced the “Five Key Questions”. Let’s go through them briefly.


5 Key Questions to Ask before Sending That Next Email Message


  1. Does this really need to be communicated?

There is a lot of unnecessary “stuff” out there – jokes, virus hoaxes, and urban legends – sent by friends within and outside the company- Email message unnecessary for business = do not send it!


  1. Is e-mail the best way to communicate this message?

Emails definitely save time but isn’t the right medium every time. When emotion or controversy is involved, an email may be misunderstood on the receiving end. Rethink about sending it out. Never inform of poor performance or impart bad news through email. If your message requires immediate feedback, email will not be the best medium, too; and never use email to handle personal issues.


  1. Who really needs to know this?

Take time to think about who should receive your email message. Do not just click “Reply to All”. If a person does not need to take action but needs to be included in the message, place their name on the “cc” line. If a person does not really need to know, keep their names off the address line entirely.


  1. What’s the most appropriate content?

Most emails contain too much information. Some recipients tend to scan through long email messages and may miss important information. The Rule of Thumb is if the message takes more than one full screen, it’s too long.


  1. How can I best help the recipient take action on this?

We’ll use the subject line as an example: Never leave it blank! Use an informative subject that tells the recipient what the message is about (“Company Requirements”, “Article Topics”) It’s also helpful to include needed action at the beginning (“Escalation Required”, “Please Respond”).


So before you send out that next email, go through the questions, first. Communication between yourself and the recipient will be much better.


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Top 10 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant

Being a business owner, you can’t help but get involved with everything and anything about your business; both leg and back-end work. Being “hands-on”, is not a bad thing, entirely. But this is where a lot of business owners begin to find the struggle (especially when starting out or at mid-year). They tend to do “too much” and lack the time to do “more important” work such as going out and marketing their business to others.


I loved this the first time I read it:

“Exercise frugality with how you spend your time and I guarantee you’ll make progress far faster than those who are frivolous with theirs”.

This was said in one of the comments in Chris Ducker‘s site. It is a good advise for business owners regarding their precious hours.


So why not get that time back and start working with a Virtual Assistant to do the dirty, back-end work for you?


Here are my Top 10 Tasks You shouldn’t be doing as a busy business owner and which you Can Outsource To Virtual Assistants:

1. Appointment Setting

2. Blog Management

3. Client/Customer Follow-Ups

4. Data Entry and Processing

5. Email Management

6. Preparing Presentations

7. Recruitment

8. Schedule Management

9. Social Media Accounts Set-Up and Management

10. Social Media and Blog Posting


These are just a few from that endless list of tasks Virtual Assistants can handle. Sure, each VA will have their own areas of expertise but with a bit of training and patience from you,  anything is possible!


Have you gotten yourself a VA, yet? How are they? Have you outsourced work to a VA? How was it? Share your thoughts below!

How Virtual Assistants Can Maximize Your Time And Grow Your Business Potentials

Virtual Assistants can do a lot for you and your business. Their tasks list is endless and can go from appointment setting to website design (bringing your morning cup of joe is not included, though).


Business owners, if you ever had to think of these:


If only I had a little more time..”


“If I just had a little more help..”


Then a Virtual Assistant is, indeed, what you need!


Virtual Assistants can maximize your time by taking over simple back-end tasks you’re currently doing. Yes, you can do these tasks yourself but getting a VA to do these is a smarter way and which would definitely free up hour blocks from your schedule.


Your time spent doing these tasks gets you in a struggle and significantly slows your business’ growth. You are sure to find Virtual Assistants who are experts with tasks you need done, anyway.

So why bear with all these? Why not work with one while you go out and do more important tasks for yourself and specially your business?


What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

Documentation And More Made Easy With EVERNOTE

Evernote can be utilized for a variety of tasks to be completed.


We’ll start with its Web Clipper. It can be used as an easy, quick and effective way to bookmark Web pages with just a couple of clicks. You will not need another bookmarking application with Web Clipper.


Evernote can also store pictures, audio and PDF files online which is a great way to back your files up. Use it as your online photo library. Take a picture, upload it to Evernote and share it with everyone!


Another use of Evernote is that it can also stand as an online organizer. You can put notes/handouts into Evernote and start organizing, tagging, editing and view them anytime you want and anywhere you are.


It is a great tool / application you can use everyday!


How To Use Mad Mimi For Your Email Marketing Needs

Mad Mimi benefits those who want to create email newsletters, marketing campaigns or keep track of a mail list. You can create professional-looking emails, having no experience or skills, is of the advantages of using this tool.


There are very useful tutorials to see for creating your email promotions and almost every feature is explained.


Mad Mimi is really able to help beginners and inexperienced marketers do well with their chosen endeavor. It is free to use for starters and for advanced marketers, the option to upgrade is just a couple of clicks away.

What Every Filipino VA Ought To Know About EON Cyber Account Application And PayPal Integration

So I just got my EON card verified in PayPal today. It wasn’t an easy venture. Nobody seemed to know or they missed out on important details regarding what the true process is (that, or my research wasn’t well done); and most of the information I saw were outdated. Anyway, the experience prompted me to write this article for Filipino VA s who are looking to use UnionBank’s EON Card as their means to get their pay from PayPal.


So here goes!


Step1: Forget about online application

Yes, UnionBank has this online application form which can be found here. Don’t waste your time with this. I did and I was very disappointed with the result. You get a confirmation through email within 24 hours of submitting your application which looks like this:


You go to the branch, tell them regarding the confirmation and they get you to fill out the same application form (in writing) again stating that the online application the application in the branch are different from each other. Long story short, my online application was useless.

Step 2: Go to the nearest UnionBank branch for the application

Fill out the application form and pay PHP350 for the annual fee. The card can be acquired the same day if you do the application in the morning.

*** Note:

UnionBank is particular with your address. {The address on my driver’s license is different from my application address (Region 2).} Make sure that the address on your ID matches the one you listed on your application. (They will ask you for an ID with your address in it. Don’t get smart. I did.) Otherwise, they will require you to secure clearance from your barangay and the police.

Step 3: Pick-up your card and make your first deposit

Make sure that the teller provides you with the paper with your initial PIN. Then do your first deposit. UnionBank says to deposit at least PHP200.00 to your account. I got charged with PHP140+. So PHP200.00 is safe.


You will need your account number to make the deposit. It is the 12-digit number located below your name on the card


Step 4: Change your PIN

So you don’t go back and forth and to make sure that you are able to read your initial PIN (I guessed what mine was when I tried to enroll online), change it at the ATM machine outside the branch

Step 5: Go online and set up your EON Cyber Account

Step 5.1. Go to Unionbankph.com

Step 5.2. Click on EON or EON Cyber Account


Step 5.3. Click Enroll Here


Step 5.4. Enter your ATM card number and PIN



The ATM card number consists of 16 digits located above your name on the card


Step 5.5. Fill the form with other needed information and submit


The USERNAME will be permanent for your account. Pick the best username for long-term use.

Wait 2-3 banking days and try to log in to your EON Cyber Account.

If you get in, you’re set with EON!

Step 6: Integrate your EON Cyber Account to your PayPal account

Step 6.1. Go to PayPal.com and log in to your account


For security reasons make sure that the URL starts with “https”.

Step 6.2. Hover over to Profile and click Add/Edit Credit Card


Step 6.3. Fill the form out with the needed information and click Add Card


Congratulations! Your EON card is now linked with your PayPal account!

Step 7: Verify your card

This is the part where PayPal charges your card from your initial deposit for verification purposes. Do not worry because PayPal will return the money to you 24 hours after you put in the EXP code.

Step 7.1. This part will say “Not Verified”. Click on it.


Step 7.2. It will charge your EON card and send the verification code over.

Step 7.3. Go to your EON Cyber Account and log in

Step 7.4. Click on Accounts


Step 7.5. Click on the dropdown to go to Transaction History. Click Go


Step 7.6. Your PayPal 4-digit verification code


Key in the code in PayPal and congratulations! You have already verified your EON card in PayPal!


Was this article helpful to you? Did I miss important steps? Share your thoughts below.

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