Franz Josef Valdivia
Franz Josef Valdivia

Name: Franz Josef Valdivia

Location: Philippines

Languages Spoken: English (American), Tagalog (Filipino)

Growing Skills Set: Administrative Support, Basic Photo Editing, Blogging, Blog Commenting, Business Email Handling / Writing, Call Handling, Customer Engagement, Customer Support, Data Entry and Processing, Header and Background Creation, Logo Design, Presentation Creation, Recording Audio/Video, Research, Schedule/ Calendar Management, Social Media Posting and Management, Spreadsheet Creation, Technical Support, Tools Utilization,  Website Maintenance and Testing, WordPress


Franz, as he is addressed by his peers, has been in the Business Process Outsourcing industry since 2008. He is practical and all about the business and getting results quickly without fluff or delay. He always works smart and in a span of 5 years, he managed to move up the corporate ladder from an agent to a specialist and, eventually, to a junior manager position and become one of the position’s youngest at age 25. He loved his job and the people he was working with. However, there were others whom he loved more: his Family.


In 2012, Franz started his own family with his beautiful wife, Helen Grace, and their first child, Francis Ian. However, through their first year together as a family, time became an issue. Most of his time were spent in the office and traveling to and from it. Being able to give just a couple of hours of play per day to his son didn’t seem right at all. About a year of testing and proving his adaptability, their second boy, John Benedict, came into the picture. This changed everything.


Franz, with his decisiveness and being the risk-taker that he is, then chose to make a change for the betterment of himself and his family’s. He risked it all and decided to quit his job and find other means to have more time for his family and provide for them at the same time. It was when he stumbled upon being a Virtual Assistant.


For a month, he did his research, worked on his assignments, completed the requirements to start, got some additional training and, eventually, got the first of his, now, many clients! Generally known for his dependability, love for good challenges and variety, independence and persistence, Franz is currently enjoying the company of his family as well as his new found career path.


Franz envisions the same for you, business owners. He wants you to be able to have more time to spend with the ones you love or do the things you love doing. You will have to decide and make the change, though, and as Franz did, he will be best to assist you in making that decision.


Maximizing TIME and Growing POTENTIALS

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