One Way to Cure Your Child’s Boredom

So it’s a hot afternoon and your son is killing you with his tantrums and crazy wants because he’s bored. He doesn’t want to watch TV; doesn’t want to play with his toys. He wants to go out under the hot sun! What can you do? Let me show you one thing you can do.


You’ll need:

A bucket and dipper
A tub and dipper
Hot and /or cold water (depending on the weather and your child's preference)
Hot and /or cold water (depending on the weather and your child’s preference)
This is what your tub will look like
This is what your tub will look like

Add your kid to the mix:

Happiness :)
Happiness 🙂

How about you? How do you keep your kid busy? Let me know in the comments 🙂


The Longing

Every time spent with you seem too short.

Things I want to say and do needs to be right; they always make me sort.

Not a moment spent with you seem just enough.

Constantly miss seeing your face, your smile, hearing you talk and laugh.


The longing to be with you, that’s always what you make me feel.

Being able to hold you, kiss, hear and see you lets me know the moment’s real.

You’re the only person who I want to be with every day and every night.

All the moments we spent together, every single one, feels so, so right.


When we’re together, time just seem to quickly pass by.

Be it 5-hour breakfasts, overtime massages or, when on your station, I walk by.

I just can’t get enough of you, certainly not enough of us.

Time just flies when we’re together; it’s as if it were in a rush.


I know time will come where we’ll get to have more than enough of each other.

The anticipation of that moment gives me hope, keeps sanity and I together.

Especially when you told me, even if it’s just partially, that you do love me too.

It’s more than enough gas for me to keep waiting, wait for no one else but you.

Hell and Grace

This was something I wrote for my wife, Helen Grace, when I was still courting her. I associated the title and contents with her name and with the situation she was and this was what I came up with:


Both are somewheres we all know about.

Different actions get us to which route.

All of us trying to do things our own ways.

Hell and grace, we’re headed to where and what place.


Hell gives us this heat of discomfort.

Something we never think of longing for, not wanting it to be our fort.

In these modern times, getting there feels better than getting to the latter.

It confuses us that we never think of what happens after.


Grace paves for us, the simpler  way of doing things.

Like sticking to our wives and not to get into childish flings.

The path to it isn’t always what we opt to and consider.

We often think it makes our lives complicated leading us to somewhere down the ladder.


Hell and grace are somewheres we all know about.

Our actions are meant to be thought of and will certainly give us a bout.

Tag faith or reason along to get the match at a good pace.


Hell and grace, this early, in ourselves, we know not the time but where it will continue.. I mean to what place.


Comments are very much welcome 🙂


Google Analytics (GA) is a very advantageous tool for those who are marketing online (be it selling items or just looking to see how much their sites are hit by visitors). Some benefits of GA for your online business are the following:

1. It allows you to target your online visitors.
2. It can measure and show you the results of your marketing campaign/s.
3. It evaluates traffic flow to your website so you can make ongoing changes to your website by changing the content and improving the landing pages to draw greater number of visitors and determine if the quality of your web page content is of a high standard with the help of the Google Analytics tool.


Project Management has always been important with businesses. It is what ensures that communications are crystal, tasks organized and scheduled and project completion is made essentially easier. Basecamp is an online tool that assists with project management. It is somewhat of an online journal where you can initiate projects, group a team, assign tasks, set deadlines and monitor your project’s progress through completion. Below is a simple presentation of Basecamp’s basic functions and what it can help your project with when it comes to organization.